What is Direct Patient
Care and what does it
mean for me?

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  • Having a genuine relationship with your healthcare provider
  • Complete pricing transparency
  • Lowest cost possible for your healthcare
  • Monthly membership option that gives you peace of mind
  • Appointments scheduled same or next day when you’re sick
  • Direct access to your healthcare professional through office visits, email, text messageing and telehealth
  • Assistance navigating the healthcare system when necessary

Direct Patient Care is a new, exciting and affordable way of delivering primary care.

If you would like to know more about Direct Patient Care we invite you to watch these two short videos that provide more information so that you can make an informed decision.

These two short programs are good representations of Direct Patient Care except that 24/7 access is not offered by this practice.

Dr. Rob Lamberts talks about direct primary care and how this system of health care may be the new model for the health care industry.

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How Our Direct Patient Care Practice Works

  • We do NOT take any form of health insurance except Medicare.
  • We do encourage you to have insurance or one of the Christian sharing plans for the ER, specialist visits, imaging, medications, and hospitalizations that can’t be avoided
  • We are an excellent alternative if you simply cannot afford full coverage insurance, if your deductible is high or if you like the idea of personal, timely care
  • We charge a one-time registration fee and a low monthly fee that covers most of the care you need
  • Patients are limited by the number of providers so that same day/next day appointments are always available although no Saturday or Sunday appointments for now
  • We offer labs at a very low cost. A full range of routine adult yearly lab tests can cost $900+ elsewhere. The same labs can cost as little as $40 with Direct Patient Care.
  • Services provided include most services and procedures in any primary care office and most services provided in an ER/Urgent Care not requiring a specialist to be called.

Fill out a quick form with basic information to get started. Once submitted our office will contact you.

Dr. Martha Ward has been practicing Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Thomasville for over 40 years.

She has spent many years dedicated to emergency medicine at Archbold and her expertise has won her accolades such as Archbold Physician of the Year for "Outstanding Medical Knowledge." She was also named “Mental Health Professional of the Year” for Southwest Georgia. Dr. Ward’s passion for emergency medicine and primary care now continues as she opens her private practice, Direct Patient Care of Thomasville. As more patients come into the practice more physicians and mid-level practitioners will be added so that timely appointments and a personal touch can be maintained.

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