Specifics of Coverage

For the monthly fee, the patient gets the following at no additional charge:

  • Office visits – acute care, disease management, physicals…same or next day for emergencies and urgencies
  • Ability to communicate with staff via secure online messaging, telemedicine
  • Access via phone/text/telemedicine
  • In-office lab tests and testing sent to approved labs and pathologists at a very low cost
  • Coordination of care with specialists, hospitals, and other care providers
  • Discounted labs (prices will be available prior to the test being sent to the lab)
  • Multiple procedures done for no additional cost except for the price of sterile equipment and medications
  • Prices for labs and procedures available in the office and will email upon request

Labs, Prescriptions and Imaging

For patients with insurance, these tests will be billed to insurance by the lab, pharmacy, or radiology department as usual. That EXCLUDES labs done in our office which are done at cost and will be much cheaper. We will always be looking to find ways to reduce the costs of imaging and prescriptions as well as labs.

ER visits, hospitalizations, and specialist visits

These are the responsibility of the patient, with or without insurance.


We will work with you to get the cheapest rate possible. This may be to have you go to a pharmacy so that you can use your insurance. It may be for us to give you the immunization at our cost. We will figure it out together.

What about MEDICARE?

The only form of insurance that we will be taking is Medicare. For our monthly fee we will be providing additional services that Medicare does not cover. The scope of these services will be discussed before you become a member.